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Every blogger needs to evaluate their newsletter system with this easy to implement evaluation.

The DIY Newsletter evaluation...

Will Help You Create a Newsletter Experience your Readers will Love!

  • Refine your newsletter offer to make it appealing.
  • Optimize your user experience & make it easy to sign up.
  • Deliver what you offered & tell them what to expect.
  • Make them excited to be part of your community.
  • Create fans! 

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Are you getting all the subscribers that you could be getting?
The DIY Newsletter Evaluation was created by a blogger for bloggers. 
Because remember, "Blogging is not about you". It is about serving your readers, answering their questions, solving their problems, and encouraging them to greatness on their journey.
Using this DIY evaluation you will be empowered to evaluate your newsletter process through the eyes of a first time visitor to your website and find out just where the weak link is that keeps them from subscribing or makes them unsubscribe within the first few days.
Want to get a double ROI? Recruit a friend or willing acquaintance to do the same evaluation for you, or trade evaluations with a blogger friend, to give you kind but honest feedback from an additional point of view and suggestions for improvement.
The DIY kit will walk you through exactly what to do.
The Outcome? An improved, customized and streamlined newsletter subscription process that your readers will be excited to join.
When you optimize the experience to make it appealing and the best possible experience for the reader, you will find that readers are drawn to subscribe and your subscription rates will increase.
Having a super experience when signing up for the newsletter is the first key part of the process of turning subscribers and freebie hunters into loyal followers and fans. 
You could hire someone to evalutate your process for $199, or you can do it yourself using our step-by-step process for 
Just  $29
New subscribers = more exposure for you and more sales of your product. Get the DIY Newsletter evaluation today!